BKV lifts 6 windturbines in Guehenno, France

GUEHENNO, BRETAGNE FRANCE - The Barneveldse Kraanverhuur (BKV) is currently working in France with the lifting of six 100-meter high wind turbines from Senvion. A challenging project!

Before our BKV team travels to France, there is a lot of preparing for such a project. The permits and certificates of all drivers must be arranged, the planning of all transports must be prepared, AutoCAD drawings are made of the work location, the road plates are checked, we have to check if the project location is easily accessible, and so on. Good preparation is half the work!

The numbers in a row
Such a project involves a lot. As an indication, here are some figures in a row!
- 2 cranes traveled to France: the TC2800-1 and the Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2
- 5 drivers
- 6 wind turbines type Senvion MM100 HH100
- more than 20 loads including large boom parts, road plates, dragline mats and other materials
- 72 dragline mats
- 80 road plates
- 100 meters of axle height
- 73.6 tons is the maximum load that needs to be lifted
- 220 tons is the total crane ballast
- 600 tons of total equipment from BKV goes to France

BKV meets the requirements set by the French government in the labor and social law  from France. We have a representative in France that manages the documents for BKV, giving inspectors or social authorities quick access to the necessary documents.

You will understand, such a project involves a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise. That is why our customers choose BKV. Because of our strong work preparation, tight planning, experienced drivers with the right papers and with the vision that an appointment = an appointment. That is where BKV stands for. Became curious? Give us a call and get acquainted with our expertise!