BKV trains 28 crane operators GWO (video)

BARNEVELD - The BKV team went to work in the first week of January. Last week, a large number of crane operators of the ´Barneveldse Kraanverhuur´ (BKV) were trained. And the BKV team is ready for a safe approach for the upcoming projects in the wind industry.


GWO safety training
28 colleagues had a GWO training at the Vertical Transport Center (VTC). (Global Wind Organization, more info about the GWO: http://www.globalwindsafety.org/gwo). During this training, the BKV team was trained in the 4 GWO components:

- Fire Awareness (Safely dealing with fire)
- Manuel Handling (Safely lifting and moving objects)
- First Aid (Providing first aid EHBO/ BHV)
- Working at Height (safely working at height)

The four modules of these GWO safety training courses are a good basis on a wind turbine projectsite. With the help of expert instructors and realistic scenarios from practice, the BKV team has followed all parts and successfully completed them at the VTC. All participating BKV drivers are registered in WINDA (https://winda.globalwindsafety.org/) with a WINDA ID. For more information about the Vertical Transport Center in Ede and the GWO-trainings they give, see: https://www.vtc.nl/opleidingen/gwo/


Because of the increasing amount of projects in the wind industry, training and safety are also becoming increasingly important. In addition to the usual certificates and lifting certificates, the BKV team also has VCA and there is always emergency assistance available on the project site. This is continuously monitored. Last week, there were 3 colleagues who have received additional training for the TCVT lifting certificate at the VTC and 2 colleagues have obtained the VCA from ´Van Wincoop Opleidingen´.

Safety first
Of course, the hard skills of our drivers are important. You can count on that. But in addition they also bring job satisfaction and a sense of responsibility. Safety comes first at the BKV. That makes the collaboration at the lifting location a pleasant process. Our drivers are ready to start working for you in 2018! Curious? Feel free to contact us!