Director of BKV receives certificate for use TRAXX zero


BARNEVELD - At the start of this month, Daan Deij (director of the BKV) received a certificate from Dalhuisen and TRAXX zero, because they were environmentally aware in 2017 and will continue this in 2018.

Halfway through last year, BKV opted for the use of climate-neutral diesel. See also the article earlier written about this: https://www.barneveldsekraanverhuur.nl/bkv-kiest-traxx-zero-klimaatneutrale-diesel 

The cooperation between TRAXX zero, Dalhuisen Oil and BKV is going well. Dalhuisen quoted: Today we handed over the TRAXX Zero certificate to BKV B.V. BKV B.V. reduced and compensated more than 1,000 tons of CO2 in 2017! With this they reduced the CO2 footprint of their fleet to 0 (!). More info about Dalhuisen, visit: https://www.dalhuisen.nl/traxx-diesel

By using climate-neutral diesel supplied by Dalhuisen, BKV has opted for more economical, cleaner and better work. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: that is what BKV stands for!

About TRAXX Zero
TRAXX Zero climate-neutral diesel is an entry-level and cost-efficient solution for companies that want to work CO2-neutral. Thanks to optimum combustion, TRAXX Zero reduces fuel consumption - and therefore CO2 emissions - from diesel engines. In addition, the remaining CO2 emissions are compensated with certified climate projects. This efficient combination of CO2 reduction and CO2 compensation creates a diesel fuel that reduces the CO2 footprint of your machine park in a certified way to 0. More info about TRAXX zero the website: https://www.traxx-diesel.nl/bkv-kiest-traxx-zero-klimaatneutrale-diesel/)