2017 was for our crane rental service from Barneveld, the Netherlands (BKV) a year of growth. And that almost automatically leads to new faces. We could welcome five new colleagues, but also four new cranes.

In that light, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that BKV recorded substantial revenue growth in 2017. Our 25 cranes were continuously active, as were our 46 employees. You may have seen us busy inside and outside the Netherlands. With windturbines in Bretagne (France) for example, windturbines in Heidelheim (on the czech border), tower crosses in Achterveld, spiral staircases in Amersfoort or houseboats in Lelystad. Wherever you looked, you saw a balanced interplay between the operator and crane, people and environment.

Social media
We are specialists in vertical transport. That specialism is hidden in craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise, but also in a good dose of job satisfaction. We used 2017 to keep that pleasure not only for ourselves, but also to share it fully through the social media channels. Also in 2018 we will keep you informed via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can of course also visit our website; then look under the headings ‘Nieuws’ and ‘projecten’.

Crane park
We already told you that we invested in the past year in the expansion and renewal of our crane park. We replaced several cranes and expanded with a Liebherr LTM 1500 8.1, a Liebherr MK88, a Spierings AT6 SK1260 and a Liebherr LTM 1030 2.1. Next year we will add two more Liebherr cranes, including an LTM 1450 8.1.

Feel free to come by
In short, we are looking back on a beautiful 2017 and eagerly looking forward to 2018. We will not let you down, next year. Are you curious about how we can be of service to you? Feel free to come along in Barneveld.